Maria Hooper at Fatality Servers

Customer Support at Fatality Servers

Who’s Maria Hooper?

Maria Hooper is the one you should reach out if you face any server issues and problems related to payments at Fatality Servers.

Hooper’s primary role is to deal with customers and to provide them assistance regarding server related problems. She loves playing video games and who can be much more competent than a gamer herself to answer your queries? Hooper is an expert in hosting and server functions, which makes her the ideal person to represent Fatality Servers to our clients.

With tons of experience in the field, Hooper has been an integral part of our team that excels in providing valuable services to our clients. She will answer all your queries regarding your issues in the best possible way.

Identifying customer needs and guiding customers through our system is one of the strongest points of Hooper, which has enabled us, serve our clients better.

Experience & Expertise

Before working at Fatality Servers, Hooper gained her experience in gaming and game hosting for years at several websites. She has been helping gamers with their server set up and is well-aware of the issues faced by players. Managing several tasks at one time is one of her essential skills, which she developed with her past experiences.

She carries a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge and years of experience as a customer support representative. She will effectively solve your problems. As a gamer and server expert herself, she has a deep understanding of every aspect of gaming and well accomplished in analyzing and documenting server malfunctions.

You can contact her for queries related to your payments and regarding the payment portal. Delivering passionate and knowledgeable care to our customers is one of our top priorities.

We value your money as well as your love for the games, and Hooper will guide you through the portal and help you out with your server issues. We want to create a gaming experience that is faster and reliable, and if there is an issue, Hooper is always there for you.