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Our game server hosting is designed, maintained, and curated by gamers for gamers. Our solutions are all made for fast delivery and reliable server functions. Set up your game server in a few clicks and start hosting the game of your choice right away!

Rent Your Own Game Server

Explore, build, and unleash your creativity with our Minecraft server hosting that is designed to give you and your squad endless hours of seamless and problem-free hosting.

If you’re more into free experimentation and intuitive learning, grab hold of our Garry’s Mod servers which gives you an easy set-up and better control of your systems. If you’re the action-adventure sandbox type of gamer, our Terraria hosting offer you instant installation and comprehensive configuration abilities.

Cloud server illustration

Superior Server Performance

Fatality Servers take into account every aspect of performance and reliability. This is why we are proud to offer you one of the most superior guarantees in game server hosting.

Basically, if you want the server, we deliver it! Our dedicated game server hosting cover the best and most widely played games that include Ark, CS:GO, Rust, DayZ, FiveM, Arma 3, and lots more.

If you need more power, don’t miss our dedicated servers or VPS game hosting plans. These pack a real punch and can handle the most.

Why Choose Us?

Worldwide data centers

Fatality Servers have data centers located in every significant area of the world. One of our primary aims is to ensure that you get seamless hosting regardless of your location. Our centers are all placed in strategic sites which allow you to access the server that is closest to your location. You will experience exceptional reception and coverage configured by Paul Gonsales, especially in Tier 1 countries.

Easy payments

As you look for ideal servers for your gaming, we want the process to be as easy and straightforward as possible. Our payment structures make it super easy for you to get your servers up and running in absolutely no time! We accept all major cards and modes for server payments. This includes MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc. Your game goes live instantly so that you don’t have to waste precious time on delayed payments and waiting periods.

Unmatched Uptime

Our game servers guarantee up to 99.99% uptime. We have experienced how downtime can put a huge damper on gaming. Imagine being on a roll, and the server suddenly fails to keep up with your requirements. Yes, we know! It’s one of the most widespread concerns that plague the gaming community. Our server manager William Nelson runs an iron tight grip with your game server.

Superior Customer Support

One of the areas where we are continually raising the bar is in our customer service. When we provide game servers for you, it’s not just a service; it’s a commitment! Fatality Servers takes this commitment seriously, and we intend to honor our clients with nothing short of the best.

With our dependable server hosting, we doubt you will ever face the need to call up our tech support. But just in case you want some doubts cleared, our 24/7 client support is every up and ready to take your calls. Our service is not just game server hosting; it’s a commitment to you and your experience. Frag more, lag less with Fatality Servers.