William Nelson at Fatality Servers

Server Management at Fatality Servers

Who’s William Nelson?

William Nelson takes care of our server hardware and hosting, or basically ANYTHING that has to do with our game servers. If you rent a server from us, you’ll most likely have it configured by William.

With an expert mind in hosting and server functions and a heart of a gamer, Nelson is well-equipped with the nuisance of a lagging game server. He is a trained professional with a ton of experience in the field. He carries a never give up attitude, which helps in building our ideology towards our goal of providing a more reliable and fast gaming experience to all our customers.

Nelson takes forward his positive approach and experience in taking care of hosting and server hardware at Fatality Servers. Every gamer is precious to us, and so is his gaming experience, and Nelson delivers all the right reasons for him to enjoy his game.

Once you rent a server from us, Nelson configures it for the best possible result you can get with your squad.

Experience & Expertise

Before configuring your servers at Fatality Servers, Nelson has worked as a writer at pcworld.com for three years. He holds a substantial amount of understanding of PC configurations and hosting. Besides this, he also possesses in-depth knowledge about cloud hosting and server configuration and has helped CloudWays.com for three years.

Whether its server hosting or mod servers or anything, you name it, and Nelson is up for the job. He has several guides on how to start your server, which ensures that you don’t miss out on anything before you get your server running. Nelson is always there to provide you with a problem-free and seamless hosting to provide you with a better platform and flawless gameplay.

As an integral part of Fatality Servers, Nelson has been setting up game servers for many customers. Testing the performance and the reliability of the servers for an enhanced and lag-free gaming environment is one of his core strengths.

His love for video games and the expertise he carries in hosting and server operations has made him the perfect man for the job and allowed us to serve you better.