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Fatality Servers offers premium Among Us server hosting with 99.99% uptime and full DDoS protection. Fatality Servers makes it simple to rent your own Among Us Impostor server.

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Just straight awesome! I love how you can change game without renting a new server. Just click and swap game. I've hosted three different games on the same server so far.

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Among Us Impostor Hosting

Impostor is a devoted open-source server for the game “Among Us.” Here, with the imposter, you will be able to participate in Among Us matches on your server with your fellow gamers and friends.

For instance, you will be able to play the games by reducing lagging during matches. Users can easily play the game from their mobile device on an imposter server. This popular deduction game is comparable to the mafia.

The game revolves around innocent astronauts and deathly shapeshifters. The atmosphere of the game takes place in a space with very limited space to walk around. Among Us is most fun when you play in on your very own server.

Now is the chance to rent your imposter server. You can expect it to have tight DDoS protection, free FTP access, and a convenient web interface.

About Among Us

Among Us consists of an online social deduction type of video game that supports multiplayer mode. The American Game Studio Innersloth is responsible for publishing and developing the game. Among Us is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. The game’s release for these platforms was in 2018, and it features a cross-platform play among these three platforms.

Other supported platforms include Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. The game wasn’t popular in 2018. Still, it started gaining immense popularity in 2020, with many Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing it.


This multiplayer game is playable from 4-10 years. Depending on what the host selects, 1-3 players can be the imposters in the game. The imposters are chosen randomly for every round. The game is playable in three distinct maps or environments. They include “The Skeld,” consisting of a spaceship, and “MIRA HQ,” consisting of a headquarters building, and finally “Polus,” which consists of a planet base. Crewmates have tasks that they need to finish around the map.

The tasks are minigames like maintenance work for vital systems, engine refueling, electrical rewiring, etc. Here, impostors receive fake tasks for blending in with the rest of the crewmates, but they can’t finish any tasks. The impostors can sabotage all the vital systems, use air vents to travel secretly, and kill crewmates.

Players become ghosts when they die, and they can pass through all the walls. They are invisible to the players except for other fellow ghosts. Ghosts have limited abilities, but they are still capable of completing all the tasks. Similarly, even if an imposter dies from a vote off, it can still sabotage the ship for helping out the other imposters.

The crewmates will win once they complete all the tasks or by eradicating all the imposters. Imposters will win once they are equal in number to the crewmates or when sabotage isn’t resolved after the countdown. Matches also end when players quit the match. A player quitting equals their elimination, and the same goes for the impostors.

There are surveillance cameras for identifying the imposters on every map, like a security camera on the skeld, a vitals indicator for polus, and a door log for MIRA HQ. Also, crewmates can execute certain visual tasks to confirm their identity. The imposters can’t fake the visual tasks at all. Players can also call for a group meeting when they notice something suspicious, see an imposter vent, or report a dead body.

In the meeting, the players discuss identifying the imposter from the evidence and plurally votes for evicting the imposter from the ship. Players can communicate through texts or use discord for voice chats. Plus, hosts can adjust the gameplay settings according to their liking.

What Do We Offer?

Here are some of the details regarding the services, which you can expect while using this server. They are as follows:

  • Own Web Interface
  • Prepaid Option
  • Powerful and Effective Hardware
  • Live Chat and Support
  • Automatic Setup and Configuration

Running your own server

There is an automatic calculation of the required hardware resources during the ordering procedure to make sure that your Among Us imposter server offers a top gaming experience from the jump. And if you need additional resources, you can always order them while selecting your server.

Pre-configured settings

You can expect the imposter server to come with full pre-configured settings automatically from the start. It will come fully pre-configured for you as soon as you transact your payment. You will soon be playing the game as a crewmate or as your favorite shapeshifter.

Free FTP access

Once you rent the game server of your Among Us imposter, get ready to utilize free access of FTP at all times to your server. It permits you to smoothly exchange data and other details between the server and your PC. So, you can upload and also download your world. Plus, it is also possible to upgrade and enhance your server with the help of personal mods.

Mod support

The mods will enable you to easily customize the server according to your needs and convenience. If RAM’s use starts to get too high, then a boost of RAM like an upgrade is advisable. This upgrade and the other upgrades and downgrades are executable in just a few clicks of a button through a web interface.

Swap to other games

Sometimes it gets tiring and boring to play the same game over and over again. You might get bored of playing Among Us at the same point, but you can easily switch to a different game. It is easily possible because of the game cloud that our server hosting supports. And if you have your very own IP address, along with a default port, then there will be retainment of the default port whenever your game changes.

Full DDoS protection

Also, be assured that the free protection of DDoS makes sure that your game server of Among Us imposter doesn’t lag during attacks of DDoS. There is an analysis of incoming packets and sorting out of attacker packets. You can expect your imposter server to run normally like usual with no straining at all.

The players inside the gaming server won’t even notice the attacks of DDoS during the gameplay. If you have a personal IP address, you can easily set the DDoS protection based on your needs. Here, you will have access and permission to protection administration and see past and current attacks and respond accordingly. You can expect your Among Us imposter to be installed on powerful and present hardware.

An Overview

  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors are offering servers of top performance for non-lagging gameplay.
  • Host systems of 328GB DDR4-RAM offering ample power for all of your plugins.
  • The SSD server allows for lightning-quick processing and high-performance.
  • You will have complete access via FTP. With just one mouse click, the updates are easily installable.
  • You can send commands with the help of the InGame console.
    Its online configuration editor allows you to understand and edit the settings of your server.
  • You get to enjoy the backup feature. With just the click of a mouse, you can create and import everything.
  • There is live chat support that will help you gamble again at the earliest, especially during problems.
  • If you are not interested in dealing with a contract, you can always use the prepaid function.
  • There are various payment options to pick from, such as credit card, PayPal, and PaySafeCard.

Why Should You Choose Us For Your Server Hosting?

Here are some of the key services at fatality servers that might interest you. They are as follows:

Widespread Data Centers

We have multiple data centers present in almost every part of the globe. Our primary objective is to ensure that you receive a seamless hosting experience regardless of your location. Our data centers’ placement is in strategic sites that enable you to garner access to a server nearest to your location. Be ready to witness exceptional coverage and reception.

Easier Payments

As you search for the ultimate server for your gameplay, our team is always looking to make the procedure simple and straightforward. We have a payment structure that is easy and gets your servers up and operating in seconds at all times.

At fatality servers, we accept server payment options like MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. Plus, your game will immediately go up live. In this way, you won’t be wasting time on waiting periods and delayed payments.

Reliable Uptime

Our gaming server comes with an uptime of 99.99%. Downtime puts a massive damper on your gameplay. You don’t want to deal with a server that fails you in the middle of your match. However, our team is successful in combating this widespread gaming plague. Once you start using our imposter server, you will have full reliability on a stable and secure network.

Top Customer Service

The customer support section is something that we constantly prioritize on. Our game server isn’t just a service but a fully committed relationship with us. Our hosting server is always dependable, and we are always looking to honor all of our customers. You can expect to clear your doubts in less than 24 hours. Our team is always active and ready to attend to your calls.

Reach Out to Us

Are there any issues with your server that needs some answers? If you do, you can do the due diligence of reaching out to our customer support. Our support team is always ready to help you out. You can do so through e-mail, live chat, and ticket.

Plus, we encourage you to post your questions at the bottom of the page. In this way, you will receive your answers and allow other users to receive solutions for a similar issue.