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Server Specs

AMD Processors

A majority of our servers run AMD Ryzen 7+ CPUs.


All our servers have DDR4 ECC RAM.


We only use SSDs for our game servers.

Full DDoS Protection

We've developed an extensive DDoS protection.

Linux OS

Linux is the most stable OS for game servers.

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At this price you can't go wrong. My server is always up with no downtime, and everything runs smootly. Fatalityservers for the win!

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I have used fatality servers for over 7 months now and I've never had any issues with my hosting. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an affordable game server.

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Just straight awesome! I love how you can change game without renting a new server. Just click and swap game. I've hosted three different games on the same server so far.

Rent A Factorio Game Server

Factorio is a strategic game that has become immensely popular due to its unique gameplay and exciting experience. In between all the first-person shooter games, strategic games are becoming less popular.

This trend is changing due to the introduction of new and challenging strategic games. Factorio is a mixture of the top-notch management and strategic attacks on aliens.

It might not have the best graphics, but the game certainly requires strategy and skills. Furthermore, it is an online multiplier. The addition of this mode means that you can experience all this fun with your friends.

Finally, if you want to host competitions or have a specific large group of people you want to play with, opt for our servers! At Fatality Servers you can rent Factorio hosting for only $5!

What is Factorio?

Factorio is a strategic game that is built on the principles of management and production. The game has grown to have a player base of over 200,0000 people after its development started in 2012.

You spawn on a map where you need to search and collect elements and build factories. Using your imagination, you can create endless combinations and structures; there are no boundaries other than your vision and effort.

Moreover, it would be best if you also protected your factories against aliens and unwanted creatures. If you get bored with the prebuilt map, you can easily create a new map, and you can also install the different mods to spice things up!

Why do you need a Factorio server?

One of the biggest reasons for renting a server for Factorio is customization. Factorio is a mod-friendly game. Therefore it has a plethora of mods floating around on the internet.

These mods can change the game to a considerable degree. From introducing new elements, new maps to changing the game mechanics, you can do almost everything.

If you install these mods on your PC, it will run out of storage quickly. Therefore, using a custom server is the best way to implement and use mods if you are really modding and personalizing games.

Furthermore, if you have a large group of friends you want to play with, you can easily invite them to the lobby by sharing your IP address with them. Therefore using a custom server saves you both time and space.

Fatality Servers provides you with some of the best servers that let you enjoy the game; however, you want minimal restrictions and maximum features. To know what features we provide and how they are helpful to you, keep reading below!

Why choose Fatality Servers?

Best in class performance

One of the most distinguishable features of our servers is their exceptional performance. We couple our servers with some of the best hardware in the market.

First of all, we use SSDs for all our servers. This addition means that our servers have some of the best-read and write speeds. You can copy and paste large files to and from the servers within a few minutes.

Furthermore, this also makes downloads and installations faster. You can easily download and run games in a concise amount of time. SSDs also make changing and adding games to the server a piece of cake.

To top these speeds up, we have also fitted the servers with the latest CPUs, GPUs, and RAMs. These additions give your games a faster loading time and help them render the highest resolution without any problems or frame drops.

Highest customizability

The other defining feature about our servers is that it lets you customize your server and your games to the brim. This means you can increase your ram, change servers, install more than one game, and much more with our servers.

Furthermore, we have integrated FTP protocols with each of the servers. This helps you to replace game files with ease. All you need to do is copy the modded files and paste them into the required directory using your file manager.

These FTP protocols also allow you to install third-party mods for the game with little to no difficulty. We try to support as many mods as we can so that you can install them from our website with one click.

Adding new maps, characters, and elements to changing game mods, you can do almost anything until the game supports these high-level customizations.

Easiest installation procedures

If you think that you need to be very proficient in programming to use our servers, then you’re wrong. We have simplified and automated this process to install the games with one click, whenever you want.

Furthermore, our servers can also handle the updates automatically by themselves. This means that it will detect the updates and automatically install them. It doesn’t require any manual intervention, and therefore you can focus on other important things while the server handles all of this.

Robust security

Servers can be prone to a lot of cyber-attacks if a hardened security framework does not enforce it. To keep your data, game, and your experience safe from hackers and cheaters, we have installed some of the latest and smartest security systems.

These systems can effectively detect and immobilize cyber attacks like DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks, better known as Distributed Denial of Service attacks, are among the most common attacks

Other players connected to the server are the primary suspects of this attack. This is one of the most popular methods of cheating because it is relatively easy to carry out. Our servers can detect this attack almost instantaneously and remove it before it can affect anyone’s gameplay.

If you feel like getting a custom server for yourself, get a Fatality Servers server. You will get all of these features for $5. Moreover, the best part is that you can cancel the subscription or upgrade it at any point.

Therefore stop wasting any time and get your prepaid server from us now!