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Discover the world of Palworld with our premium server hosting. Dive into unparalleled multiplayer experiences and unleash your creativity with comprehensive customization options.

  • Up to 120 server slots
  • Global server locations
  • Full mod support
  • Seamless game switching

Explore endless possibilities with Palworld.

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Server Specs

AMD Processors

A majority of our servers run AMD Ryzen 7+ CPUs.


All our servers have DDR4 ECC RAM.


We only use SSDs for our game servers.

Full DDoS Protection

We've developed an extensive DDoS protection.

Linux OS

Linux is the most stable OS for game servers.

Trustpilot reviews
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At this price you can't go wrong. My server is always up with no downtime, and everything runs smootly. Fatalityservers for the win!

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I have used fatality servers for over 7 months now and I've never had any issues with my hosting. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an affordable game server.

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Just straight awesome! I love how you can change game without renting a new server. Just click and swap game. I've hosted three different games on the same server so far.

Palworld Hosting Features

Explore the features of our dedicated Palworld hosting plans. If you need a specific feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our servers guarantee effortless gaming with no installation or configuration required. Experience uninterrupted multiplayer adventures, boundless customization, and a smooth gaming journey with our dedicated Palworld servers.

Quick Deployment

With Palworld, your server is deployed instantly upon payment completion. Thanks to our advanced automated installation system, you can start your adventure within minutes. No manual configuration required; your server comes pre-configured for optimal stability and performance.

Enhanced Security

At Fatality Servers, DDoS protection is integral to our server hosting services. Our robust protection shields your server from unauthorized external disruptions, guaranteeing uninterrupted gameplay and a secure gaming environment.

Limitless Creativity

With Palworld’s prepaid hosting plans, you have the freedom to customize your gaming experience to your heart’s content. Enjoy a plethora of customization options and free FTP access to effortlessly install game mods.

Adaptable Solutions

Palworld’s server hosting provides a range of adaptable options, allowing seamless transitions between various game modes. Take advantage of our game cloud storage to effortlessly switch between multiplayer modes and other gaming experiences.

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Why Choose Fatality Servers For Your Palworld Hosting?

Experience uninterrupted multiplayer adventures with our Palworld server hosting, delivering seamless gameplay without any delays. Host your immersive world for up to 32 players across a variety of game modes such as exploration, farming, or cooperative play with peak performance.

Take charge of your gaming experience with our Palworld game server hosting service, ensuring smooth gameplay without restrictions. With Palworld running on a dedicated game server, enjoy boundless possibilities and eliminate any limitations within the game world.

Unlock all the multiplayer features you desire and host your Palworld server with confidence, without compromising on performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of monthly hosting rental?

The cost of hosting a Palworld server depends on various factors such as server configuration, number of slots, additional memory, server type (VPS or Shared), MySQL database, branding, and payment period. We often offer discounts of up to 30% off per month for longer rental periods.

If you plan to play Palworld for an extended period, consider renting the server for 3+ months to take advantage of discounted prices.

What is the minimum rental period for a server?

The minimum hosting time for a Palworld server, as with any game server, is 30 days. Renting for longer durations can lead to cheaper monthly rates. Consider splitting the cost with friends or clan members to save money.

Will my server always be online?

Your Palworld server and game world are always online with our 99.99% uptime guarantee. Even when your computer or console is turned off, the server remains live. This allows friends, clan members, or other players to access your Palworld server at any time without your PC, PS4, or Xbox One being on.

Can I switch to another game later?

Yes, you can! If you wish to switch from Palworld to another game server such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, or Rust, simply reach out to us via our contact page, and we’ll assist you with the transition.

How many players can join my server?

The number of players that can join your Palworld server depends on the slots you choose during checkout. We offer slots ranging from 10 to 128. However, if you opt for a VPS, the player limit may vary based on RAM, CPU, etc.

Do I need additional RAM/CPU for my server?

Whether you require additional RAM/CPU for your Palworld server depends on factors such as resource usage and desired gameplay experience. Our prepaid game servers come with optimal configurations, but you can add more resources if needed during the checkout process.

Can I install mods/add-ons?

Absolutely! Enhance your Palworld experience by installing custom mods, add-ons, and scripts. From custom cars to weapons and textures, you have the freedom to customize your server. If you need assistance with installing Palworld mods, refer to our guides or reach out to us via our contact page.

If you have any other questions about our Palworld server hosting, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll respond promptly.