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Our advance server hosting allows you to explore all the customization options and take total control of Terraria and other players as well. You are free to manipulate any game settings to suit your requirements without any restrictions and most importantly, a stable ping to enjoy Terraria at its best.

  • 10-500 Slots
  • Free DDoS protection
  • Fast performance

And much more.

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Server Specs

AMD Processors

A majority of our servers run AMD Ryzen 7+ CPUs.


All our servers have DDR4 ECC RAM.


We only use SSDs for our game servers.

Full DDoS Protection

We've developed an extensive DDoS protection.

Linux OS

Linux is the most stable OS for game servers.

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At this price you can't go wrong. My server is always up with no downtime, and everything runs smootly. Fatalityservers for the win!

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I have used fatality servers for over 7 months now and I've never had any issues with my hosting. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an affordable game server.

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Just straight awesome! I love how you can change game without renting a new server. Just click and swap game. I've hosted three different games on the same server so far.

Hosting Features

High performance

With your own dedicated server, you won’t have to depend on the public server, which has a reputation for being highly unstable and inconsistent. One minute your game is running as smooth as butter and the next second your game is on the verge of freezing up with excess lag.

Our Terraria server hosting ensures optimum network consistency to allow your game to run smoothly without any major frame drops to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Affordable pricing

Most people don’t bother paying for a dedicated server. Instead, they prefer to put up with the inconsistent default server, why? Because most Terraria server hosting service providers charge a considerable chunk of their savings.

It does not seem right to be spending all that savings away for a video-game, doesn’t it? However, our Terraria server hosting service comes with a fairly low price tag, which means you won’t have to sell your organs to enjoy smooth gameplay.

Instant setup

We will deliver your dedicated Terraria server instantly after the payment transaction is successful, allowing you to start using our state-of-the-art hosting feature as the earliest.

The setup and installation process is completed within some few minutes automatically. You just need to launch your server, and that is primarily it. Your server will go active, and you can start playing whenever you want. Simple and fully-automatic!

DDoS protection

It is of utmost importance for any game server hosting to be equipped with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to ensure your server is safe from any external and malicious threats. Our advanced DDoS protection works efficiently to keep any infiltration at bay to ensure your server is always running on the most secure platform.

99.99% uptime

What is the point of renting a server hosting if you’re unable to gain access to it in the first place? With our incredible uptime efficiency of 99.9%, you no longer have to worry about the game getting crashed or even out-of-service when you need to connect with your friends and play multiplayer mode.

Our server stays active for 99.9%, which means you can enjoy the game whenever you want to without any service restrictions.

Types of Terraria Servers you can host with us:

Can’t see the server type you want to host? Don’t worry, we can host any type of Terraria mod on our servers.

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About Terraria

Anyone who grew up with retro video games will understand the significance of Terraria and what it represents. Terraria is an action-adventure video game sharing some striking gameplay similarity with the iconic and cult-classic Minecraft. Terraria first released in 2011 and received positive accolades from the gaming community. In fact, by 2019, the game has sold over 27 million copies making it a highly successful venture.

The game (of course) received cosmic attention due to its resemblance with Minecraft. Despite some basic gameplay similarity, Terrarian has its unique take on the whole “sandbox” game-genre. Terraria provided with a more objective-based gameplay rather than sticking with the traditional sandbox culture that gave little significance to the story progression.

The concept of Minecraft was simple – Lay out some fundamental rules and let the individual players do what they want. Terrarian, in contradiction, provided the players with some sense of direction or reason to complete specific objectives.

Explore, Build & Craft

Terraria revolves around some basic components such as combat, building, exploration, mining, and crafting. The player progresses through the game by completing some specific tasks such as exploring caves or defeating monsters (skeletons, zombies, etc.) in order to obtain several resources or items.

The player can use a plethora of mechanics for combat purposes such as guns, bows, magic spells, or swords. The player also encounters several “bosses” at strategic times or locations. Defeating them will allow players to obtain several rare items and in-game currencies to help them advance through the game.

Online Multiplayer

The mechanics of the game are dynamic and allow players to partake in a plethora of activities or missions to help them build structures or gain additional health and mana as the game progresses, and the bosses become harder to defeat.In multiplayer mode, the players can either play Player Vs Player (PvP) match-ups or compete in completing specific tasks either individually or as a team (cooperatively).

In multiplayer mode, the players can connect with each other in two ways –Server Host and playIn multiplayer mode, you and your friends can explore a wide array of game mods. PvP mods (of course) allow you to combat with each other or as a team.

The mechanics of the gameplay varies with PC and smartphone as well. You can join a team and partake in completing cooperative missions to earn various items, in-game currency or just physical attributes (health or mana).

Game Modes

There are also various exciting game mods like Tremor, Calamity, Thorium, Fargo’s mutant mod, prefix for enemies, etc. These are only some of the most popular (and challenging) multiplayer game mods you can choose and play with your friends online.

Another intriguing game mod in multiplayer gameplay is “Capture the gem” which is similar to the usual “Capture the Flag” game mod available in many other games. In CTG, the objective is to, well, capture all the gems. Opposing teams can attack each other to try and steal their gems. The game can be played as a 4v4, 1v1 or even 10v10 multiplayer mode.

Learn more with our Terraria Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the monthly hosting rental cost?

Terraria’s monthly hosting rental cost depends on server configuration. In addition to the number of slots, additional memory, the server type (VPS or shared), MySQL database, branding, and payment period also add to the rental cost.

We also offer a 30% discount per month if you choose to rent the server for a longer period. If you think you will be playing Terraria for a long time, we suggest renting a server for 3+ months.

How long do I have to rent a server?

You have to rent a server for any game (including Terraria) for 30 days.

Longer you choose to rent a server, cheaper it becomes in the long run. When you rent a server for a longer period, you can enjoy a 30% discount. Also, you can split the cost with your friends or other players.

Will my Terraria server always be online?

With our exceptional 99.9% uptime, your server will never experience downtime. It is always going to be online, even if you turn your computer or console off. This makes sure your friends or other players can play the game anytime.

For this, you need NOT keep your PC, PS4 or Xbox One on all the time. Also, you can access the server via dashboard if you are not in the game. This allows maximum server control.

Can I change to another game later?

You can change to any other game whenever you want. You are free to switch from Terraria to Minecraft, DayZ or Rust. We are here to help you switch. Just drop us a message via the contact page and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

How many players can join my server?

For Terraria hosting, 10 to 128 players can join your server. You need to choose the number of slots before checkout. That’s how many players can join your server later. When hosting with a VPS server, the number of slots depends on RAM, CPU, etc.

Do I need more RAM/CPU for my server?

You only need more RAM/CPU for your server if you want to add other extra resources or enter the game in basic mode.

Prepaid Terraria game servers are perfectly configured and so, do not require add-on specs. Still, you can choose to add more resources if you wish to. Then, you need more RAM/CPU, and you can add it right before checkout to avail the service.

Can I install mods/add-ons?

You definitely can. As you start playing Terraria, you will want to make creative changes to the game. Mods/add-ons can help you with that. So you are free to add as many mods/add-ons as you wish to.

If you do not know how to install Terraria mods/add-ons, you can follow our detailed guide for installation.

If you have any other questions regarding our cloud performance server hosting, get in touch with us via our contact page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.