Rent our Arma 3 server hosting and experience smooth gameplay without any network lag or frame drops. With your own dedicated Arma 3 server, your entire game performance and smoothness are elevated beyond your wildest imagination.

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Cheap Arma 3 Hosting from $4.90

  • 8-48 Slots
  • Unlimited traffic
  • DDoS protection

Rent Arma 3 server hosting and enjoy unlimited speed and flawless gaming experience. With that much number of game mods to choose from, you are certainly going to need a stable server and optimum speed at your side.

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Why Choose Us for Your Arma 3 Server Hosting?

99.9% Uptime

What is the point of even renting an Arma 3 server hosting if you aren’t getting the optimum uptime you require? Our 99.9% uptime guarantees your game stays up-and-running for most of the time, so you don’t have to deal with the annoying unavailability of server service. Any time you want to connect to our server hosting and play Arma 3, our service will be at your disposal running at optimum speed. 

Quick set up

Our advanced automatic set up system ensures your Arma 3 server hosting is installed as soon as you complete your transaction. This enables you to start using our premium server hosting service at the earliest hour. Our server hosting also comes with a pre-configured set up for optimum performance. However, you can customize it to your preferred configuration with some simple clicks.

Optimum customization

With the crazy possibilities of creating or joining various game mods on Arma 3, our server hosting ensures you harness all that functionalities without any limitations. Our server hosting also comes fully compatible with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access. This means installing new game mods on your server is easy as snapping your finger (unless you’re a certain MCU supervillain). With all that insane game mods possibilities, our limitless customization option elevates all that experience. 

Unlimited traffic

Never let your Arma 3 server slow down irrespective of the cosmic number of traffics you may be generating. With our advanced server hosting, you obtain the benefit of enjoying unlimited traffics, which means your game speed and performance will remain stable irrespective of the number of players connected to your server. 

DDoS protection

Our server hosting comes with an in-built DDoS protection system. This ensures your server never has to deal with fake service permissions that eventually degrade its performance. Our DDoS protection feature helps in keeping all that hoax service permissions at bay and protects your entire server from any malfunctioning phenomenon. 

Automatic updates

Updates in Arma 3 occur periodically. While your Steam updates the game automatically, we ensure our server hosting does not get left behind. With every game update, there are certain minor upgrades we need to perform on your server to ensure optimum compatibility. Our advanced software ensures your Arma 3 server is updated automatically without having to search for updates manually. 

24/7 customer support

Any queries with our Arma 3 server hosting service? Our technical team ensures you never have to settle for anything less than what has been promised. We provide 24/7 customer support to help you resolve any minute issues with our server hosting. 

About ArmA 3

Arma 3 is easily one of the most unique tactical-shooter video games ever made. Unlike other normal military shooting games such as Call of Duty or even the iconic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Arma 3 is open-world based, which means there is no one correct way of playing it.

The game mods on Arma 3 is so vast and dynamic; players are still finding it difficult to explore all that.


The game provides a unique gameplay experience, unlike any shooting video games. Ever since it first released in 2013, the game has gained massive popularity, especially due to its entirely idiosyncratic gameplay. Just recently Arma 3 achieved 4 million active players on the popular online game platform, Steam. This goes on to prove how Arma 3 community has continued to grow even after such a long period since it released.

The number of possibilities of game mods in Arma 3 can only be limited by your imagination alone. One of the latest and hottest online games that are gaining cosmic popularity, Players Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is based on one of the most popular fan-made game mods on Arma 3.

Don’t let the slow servers slow you down from enjoying your favorite video game. Rent Arma 3 server hosting and experience the power of optimized speed, so you don’t have to deal with any minute interruptions.

Game mods available for our Arma 3 servers

Arma 3 is a “sandbox” game, which in simple terminology means, the game is not dependent on sequential story development. The game can have multiple contradicting tasks or missions spread throughout the map or even self-developed. Arma 3 in specific is a community-based game. The players can create their own custom game mods aka add-ons and share with other players. In brief, the number of game mod possibilities is, well, infinite. This is one of the primary reasons why the Arma 3 game community is still going strong. 

Instead of sticking to a specific game mode, the game allows its users to modify and tailor-make their unique game mods using an editor. With an endless number of game mods to choose from or even customize your own, the game still manages to feel significantly new and relevant as well. 

Some of the most popular Arma 3 game mods are – 

  • CTI (Capture The Island)
  • Deathmatch (team or individual)
  • CTF (Capture The Flag)
  • King of the Hill
  • Advance and Secure
  • No-respawn fight-to-the-death 
  • COOP 

The list goes on, and the only thing that imposes any kind of limitations is your creativity. On top of all the custom game mod possibilities, the game developers release new game mods themselves in the form of DLC (Downloadable Contents) for free. The latest DLC “contact” was released on 25th July 2019. 

Simply put it this way – if you’re an Arma 3 player (or thinking to start playing), you’re going to have a hard time trying to get bored, especially when renting your own server.

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