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If you are into hosting games, then renting or purchasing a dedicated game server is the best choice for you than other servers. If you plan to host an online game that is bound to pile players with time, a dedicated game server will do wonders for you, providing fast and reliable experience even during traffic hours.

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Benefits of a dedicated game server

Optimal performance and better security – A dedicated game server brings in more stability and performance, unlike public servers. The biggest fear a gamer possesses is the fear of lagging.

Lags can be often experienced in a shared server as many share the same space with you, but dedicated servers don’t have this issue. Dedicated game servers are more secure as well with the latest security features.


Dedicated game servers gives you total control over your game, which means you can determine who can access your server. You also can create your own rules and even add modifications if the game supports it.

Low Lag

A gamers worst nightmare is to have a high ping while playing. This high ping can affect your game play as well as disrupt the experience of other players also. Dedicated game servers can fix this issue, which is why most gamers prefer to play on a dedicated server.


A public server is reliable as well. But as the number of users increases, they tend to show signs of lag and unstable connection as the resources are used by others as well. Dedicated game servers are more reliable as you get a private server, which is monitored consistently and has more power on offer.

24/7 support

When you opt for a dedicated game server from most companies, you get a support system that is available round the clock. This support system can do wonders, especially if you are a beginner or have limited knowledge about setting up a server.

What is dedicated server hosting for games?

Games have been here for long, and the recent surge in online games among players has increased the demand for dedicated game server hosting. Dedicated game servers are far superior then shared servers and better option than VPS servers. The fact that you get your private server provides more control over configurations that deliver lag-free gaming experience all the time.

With your game running on a dedicated game server, you have great control over various aspects of your game. For instance, you can set your own rules for the game, which allows for a more customized sense of gaming. This feature can enhance the gaming experience and add more control for gamers.

You can opt for a cheaper dedicated server if you intend to run small games or go for a powerful machine to host graphically intense games, which require high power and configurations. These powerful machines can deliver stable performance even during traffic hours.

Why are dedicated game hosting better?

Many experts and veteran gamers recommend dedicated game server hosting over other servers. The fact that dedicated servers offer more functionality, reliability, and better performance, it becomes an obvious choice that you should opt for it for your games.

You get a smooth gaming experience and a lag-free connection that is often not possible on a public server. Private servers also allow you to have greater control over your game, and you can modify certain aspects of your game. You can play around with the rules or change them entirely according to your choice.

You can control in-game resources such as respawn time, weapons restrictions, maps, and many more on a dedicated game server.

Hackers can be a menace for most online games destroying the prospect of fair game play more often. A Private server allows you to have root permissions to keep a check on hackers and ban them from further participation on the server. You can also customize your team settings and put equally active players or teams to have a fair fight, which can be a good popularity boost for your game.

With so many possibilities and benefits, it is wise to opt for a dedicated game server. One of the vital aspects of dedicated game server hosting is that you get 24/7 support for all your concerns and queries.

What games can I run, and how many?

A high-end dedicated game server can tackle any game that you throw at it. High-end graphics games such as Minecraft, FiveM, DayZ, Terraria, and many more run smoothly on the server even during peak traffic hours.

You can load as many games as you want, but there is catch in that as dedicated game servers have limited resources. Every time you run a game, you use a portion, and the game takes up some space as per its requirements. Hence, managing and taking the right decisions as to when and how much game space you require is a crucial part of any server set up.

Another important factor while purchasing or renting a dedicated game server is the power of the server. You can run two games independently at the same time with minimal or no lag, but with time and as the player count increases, the performance can get affected. It is best to go for a robust and powerful private game server that can handle multiple games without interventions.

One practical choice to counter lag issues while two games are running parallel is by creating a virtual machine. A virtual machine exists in a server as if it was never there, and games installed in it run independently without creating issues for other games on the server.

Dedicated game server rental

If you want the power of a dedicated game server under a pocket-friendly budget, it would be a smart choice to opt for an excellent rental service. Instead of purchasing dedicated servers at one go, you can get the same functionality with the rental subscriptions.

Many companies offer private game server rental with different pricing options and configurations. For instance, you can get dedicated game server rental at a lower price and best in class uptime percentage of 99.99% at Fatality Servers.

Why should I rent a dedicated server?

If you want to play high-end games and want to play them as they should, opting for a dedicated game server is the best choice. But choosing a dedicated game server can be tricky as most companies tend to claim they offer the best.

It will help if you take into consideration several factors such as reliability, uptime, hardware, and budget, among others, to get your desired results.