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Rent an affordable Valheim server with blazing fast hosting speed and secure DDoS protection from $4.90/month. With Fatality Servers, you’ll get the best of the best without breaking your budget.

  • Up to 20 server slots
  • DDoS and security protection
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Full mod support
  • Change game at any time
  • Heart & Home compatible

And much more

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Server Specs

AMD Processors

A majority of our servers run AMD Ryzen 7+ CPUs.


All our servers have DDR4 ECC RAM.


We only use SSDs for our game servers.

Full DDoS Protection

We've developed an extensive DDoS protection.

Linux OS

Linux is the most stable OS for game servers.

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At this price you can't go wrong. My server is always up with no downtime, and everything runs smootly. Fatalityservers for the win!

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I have used fatality servers for over 7 months now and I've never had any issues with my hosting. Highly recommended for anyone that needs an affordable game server.

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Just straight awesome! I love how you can change game without renting a new server. Just click and swap game. I've hosted three different games on the same server so far.

Why choose Fatality Servers for your Valheim Hosting?

Are you looking for the best server hosting to play your favorite game Valheim?

Hosting online games are increasing over the years and what it requires is a dedicated server that runs smoothly. What this means is a server specifically for the game.

There are many options like using a public connection or server, but that will not help you achieve an optimum gaming experience. The best option for you is to get a dedicated server so that you can host and play the games with no interruptions. And Fatality Servers provide you with such a server that is consistent, smooth, and extremely reliable.

If you want to optimize your gaming experience, you will find all the tools and features you will ever need from Fatality Servers.

Ultra Fast Hosting Speed

One of the most significant issues with game hosting is the slow speed of the connection when you perform shared hosting. Things can get pretty bad because the performance of your game depends a lot on the server.

Granted, this type of connection is cheaper, but you also compromise on the speed. But we are one of the best for a reason. The bottom line, you get the best gaming speed.

99.97% Uptime

For a start, Fatality Servers have a dedicated 99.97% uptime for enhanced gaming. And that is because it prioritizes gaming speed, and they understand how downtime puts a big damper on the gaming experience.

Multiplayer online games need the best uptime because the last thing you want is a sudden freeze of the frame, which might end up killing your character. That is probably the worst. But you don’t have to worry about such instances from Fatality Servers.

Worldwide Locations

Fatality Servers have dedicated servers worldwide. So that means there is already one in your city or near you. Therefore, regardless of your location, it ensures no compromise on uptime or gaming speed. You get what you pay for.

And Fatality Servers have placed all their centers in the best locations to avoid common server problems. So if you have concerns about whether there are adequate centers around you, you don’t have to worry about it.

Easy Payments

And yes, the payment gateway is very smooth. You can make your payments in no time, even during the middle of your game: no unnecessary details or steps but straightforward, simple and easy.

Fatality Servers also accept payments in every form like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Therefore, you can save all the precious game time you usually miss because of the slow payment process and gateways.

Customer Support

One of the best things about Fatality Servers is the dedicated customer service. And it is one of the areas which they strive to improve every day so that they can fulfill every customer’s needs. Because the last thing you want is poor and unresponsive customer service when you need it the most right?

Fatality Servers ensure that they assist you every step of the way and answer and reply to your queries. And if there is an update, they give you timely pre-information.

It is a fact that people rarely find the need to call Fatality Servers for tech support because, as mentioned earlier, it is by far one of the best game hosting websites. But should anything comes up, the customer service is open 24/7, so don’t hesitate to make that call. Rest assured, you will get the best customer treatment and have your doubts cleared in no time.

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About Valheim

Valheim has become one of the top games played online. This Viking-based survival game of a battle-slain warrior has all the thrill and excitement you want in a game. Like many other survival games, Valheim also shares similarities. But what makes Valheim stand out from other games is the fantasy world it offers and the adoption of a Viking lifestyle.


Valheim starts on the fantasy realm called the tenth horse. The goal is to find your way through the landscape. And along the way, you slaughter all the rivals in a bid to please the Norse god Odin. The game is full of surprises, and you can expect new challenges every time you traverse the terrain of the fantasy world.

There are many tasks to accomplish, and there is a feature called ‘Skill-based advancement system’ where you get rewards for completing specific tasks like building and swimming.

In the initial stages, you start by collecting things like wood, making a bed, building a makeshift house, etc., the typical survival game style adopted by many games. You perform the necessary survival skills like eating, finding food, collecting items, etc. And if you die, there is an option to take part in the “Corpse Run,” which will help you revive your lost stuff. The goal is to keep exploring until the Norse World opens up, which leads to new routes.

Game modes

Valheim is available for both single and multiplayer modes. The solo runs are like any typical survival game. It is a good start for anyone trying to learn the game, but the multiplayer mode is the one to try. So you can assemble a team of ten layers maximum and help each other out as you traverse the landscape.

You can make different strategies to outsmart the other groups, and each player can perform a specific task to enhance the team. For example, one player can explore the dungeons; one player can collect valuable materials; another player can build a homestead, etc.

The game is a masterpiece, and no wonder it has become more popular than Pubg. So explore, conquer, build, craft, cooperate and survive in this thrilling multiplayer game in the Nordic fantasy realm and experience some high gaming performance by renting a server from us.