How to Start A Minecraft Minigame Server

Minecraft Minigame server tutorial guide

Minigames are Minecraft classics. Minigames are interesting and complex Redstone devices which permit game players to finish off simple challenges. You can creatively design your own idea of the Minigame even though players and or creators as much as possible, imitate what is already on the ground to create their versions of the Minigame.

Creators and the players bring in different concept like car racing, Pacman, archery combat, and mob bowling. The Minigame can be played with random people and friends online. It can also be played in split screen.

Minigame Types in Minecraft

In getting to know how to start a Minigame server in Minecraft, it is expedient to be aware of the types of Minigames that exist in Minecraft. Generally there are three types of Minigames in Minecraft. However, in some quarters, some people think we have four types of Minigames. Whatever the case may be, we shall look at all the types that are in existence.

  • Battle Minigames: Some quarters refer to the Battle Minigame as Arena Minigame. This game can either be PvP or PvE. PvP means a Player versus Player. That means that a player will go into combat against another player. PvE on the other hand means a Player versus Environment. This means that a player will be in combat against the game environment or some mob force. In either case a winner will merge. In most cases in PvE, there levels of play. As the player wins may be a mob force, a fiercer mob action will combat the player with a new twist and a new level. The common examples in this category are spleen, capture the flag and arena fighting.
  • Course Challenges Minigames: this carries the idea of obstacle courses and or races which a game player is required to complete. In most cases, a game player after some distance in the course challenge is excited or given more energy or reward if you like in a new level. This is also in levels as well. Examples of course challenges are car races, boat races etc.
  • Classic Minigames: this is more of a traditional Minigame. Some are into puzzles, adventure maps and dungeons. Some of them actually tells either imagined or real life stories.

Tips for Inventing your own Minigame Server in Minecraft

Learning how to start a minigame server in Minecraft is quite simple. Having understood what Minigames are and the different types of Minigames that are existence or available, these will guide you in determining what kind or type of Minigame you want to design for yourself. Let us go further to have a cursory look into some useful tips for inventing your own Minigame server in Minecraft.

  • Remember the specific data which must be stored in the game: let us make an example with this. The game of tic-tac-toe makes use of nine squares to accept three values which are blank, zero or letter X. These values are very important and can be recorded by the use of entities like minecarts and players, scoreboard objectives or big clusters of memory latches. The most essential thing here is to make sure you use a method that is guaranteed that will connect very well with the rest of the game.
  • Connect player’s input to this data: have a deep thought about the action of each player has an effect on the game. The action may be flipping a sword to defeating an enemy. The player must be able to make his moves, play may be some part in winning the game. At least some of the information stored must be hooked up for use and be connected to devices which are under the control of the player.
  • Connect the information stored in an output that will update when needed: for an instance, if a variable indicates that a level is fully complete, the variable must be connected with a device that will advance the level when activated.

Proper Game Plan

Definitely there is an expectation that before you launch you must have a plan in your head. The plan must include the fact that the Minigame design should not be something complex and also not too basic for design. It should be something in between too basic and too complex as you put to use the basic knowledge about what Minigames are in Minicraft. You can also put or plan about the timing of the game. As in may be a short, simple Minigame or a long simple Minigame of about fifteen minutes.

Coding Your Ideas

After putting your ideas together as in crossing your “T’s” and dotting your “I’s”, you need to code your ideas. You can either write the code by yourself if you are a coder or you employ the service of a coder to do the task for you.

If a coder is coding for you, be sure it is not going to be free of charge. It will probably come at a cost. In addition to the cost implication, it has also been tested that honesty and trustworthiness have been usually an issue when you employ the service of a coder. Be wary of those coders that appear to be cheap as they may be sheep in human’s clothing. Some of them are scammers who may even upload the work you will pay for into the server.

Hosting Your Minigame

After planning and coding your ideas either directly or indirectly, the next phase is to host your minigame server. You may start with just one server with about fifteen to twenty slots. You will also need a very good RAM. It is better to have a bigger RAM just to make provision for any unforeseen circumstances. We offer terrific pre-paid Minecraft hosting plans from $5/month.


Having completed all the steps above, be sure to advertise your idea, but please not on social media. Put your website on a voting site so that players can get to vote for your server so as to gain popularity.

Written by William Nelson