How to Start A Minecraft Skyblock Server

Minecraft Skyblock server tutorial guide

Knowing how to start a Skyblock server in Minecraft will give you a worthwhile pleasure during your leisure time. However, before we total launch into the deep with regard to the subject matter, it is very much okay to have a cursory look into what Skyblock mean.

So what does Skyblock really mean? Skyblock is a survival Minecraft map where game players build and live on a floating island. The real idea of this map is very simple; players are required not only to spawn on the floating island, but must also survive and complete tasks or challenges within the available resources in the world.

The server of the Minecraft Skyblock allows the game players to play in multi-player. The Skyblock game mode is a popular game among game players. And it has been living up to expectation by providing fun. This article promises to expose the making of the Skyblock server in the Minecraft community.


IslandWorld: this converts from IslandWorld to aSkyBlock. This is actually a low risk conversion. Some things will actually change while others will not change as well. So what will change? Player files and config files will be written to the ASkyBlock folder depending on the data from the IslandWorld. A Nether will be created automatically by a Skyblock. Then lastly the IslandWorld will not be changed.

In the same vein, what will not be converted? The challenges will not be converted. Schematic and Island level will also remain unconverted.

USkyBlock: this plugin converts files from the uSkyBlock to aSkyBlock plugin. What are those things that are not converted? Challenges, bonus chest items, level calculations, warp locations and few other miscellaneous settings are not converted.

So what is converted? The uSkyBlock world is converted, but in the actual sense nothing has to change here. Island data for the island stakeholders, island location and home location of each game player must be converted as well. Config.yml settings for world name, reset cool down timer, the distance between two comparable islands, protection range, island height, maximum team size, island level, and teleporting must all be converted.

Required Plugins

In the progress of How to Start A Skyblock Server in Minecraft, some plugins are required for use. These plugins must be installed. Let us just look at some of these required plugins.

  • Vault: make sure that the latest version of this plugin is used. Otherwise, it will not work. Latest version is available out there.
  • Essentials: this plugin puts you at the forefront of spawning and danger on your server. In addition to these, it is an economy of some kind.
  • MultiWorldMoney: this plugin can be used for multi world servers as it can run a multi world economy. It can keep money separate between worlds. It simply keeps money localized to worlds. The plugin will not prevent some other plugins from changing game player balances.

Installation and Configuration

  • Download this plugin called ASkyBlock.jar and the other required plugins needed for Skyblock server Minecraft to function optimally.
  • After the initial step, place the downloaded jar file into the plugins folder.
  • Shut down the server and start the server again as this will make the config.yml and commence with a default virtual world and set up.
  • Having done all these steps, you should be done by now.

Optional Steps after Installation and Configuration

  • Stop the server
  • Click open the ASkyBlock/Plugin folder
  • Open up the config.yml and make necessary adjustments in the way you prefer it.
  • Do your Island Guard settings
  • Check the challenges.yml and alter if necessary
  • Then restart your server again
  • Setup permissions
  • Then log in and type the command /island to commence your island.

Setting up ASkyBlock as the Main World

In your effort and the quest to know How to Start A Skyblock Server in Minecraft, the following steps are very important:

  • Start with a brand new server installed. This step is highly recommended.
  • Run the server normally to set it up. Automatically a default world is created.
  • Stop the server
  • Then you can copy in the plugins that are required
  • Copy in ASkyBlock.jar to the respective plugins folder
  • Furthermore edit the bukkit.yml file

Welcome Warp Signs

The easy way for game players to make warp is the Welcome Warp Sign. Each player can only generate only one warp. These players create a warp by simply placing a clear sign at the first line (WELCOME) on it. That first line will change colour to green if the warp creation is successful. However, if the creation of the warp is not successful then the line will change colour to red. Game players can remove or destroy the sign in order to finish or just to remove a warp. However, the other lines will be the one that players wants!

It is highly possible for game players to create traps with warp signs. However the security of a warp can be checked to a certain degree.

SkyBlock Challenges

Skyblock challenges are synonymous with the Skyblock Server in Minecraft. Game players are expected to complete the challenges or work towards it. The list of the challenges are endless. Thought challenges do not award or give anything extra, yet many provide very relevant resources. Since it is a game, players are therefore not under any compulsion to complete all the challenges. Every challenge could be completed with all resources that is available on island for all game players.

Do you know the sky block challenges consist of the following? Yes, let’s have a look at these:

  • Just build Smooth Initiator
  • You need to build a house
  • Next step is to Inflate the island
  • Then start making a melon farm
  • You can make a pumpkin farm
  • And at last, you will make a wheat farm

Written by William Nelson