How to Start A Minecraft Prison Server

Minecraft prison server tutorial guide

Gaming in a Minecraft Prison Server is another level of experimental fun. There are no usual free areas to carry out building operation. Game players will have to earn some virtual world currency to get a rank and also advance in rank. Generally, servers permit PVP, but some servers have an option of adding guards to their servers which move around the correctional center killing any inmate with illegal items found with them.

There are several other gaming features that can be added to enjoy maximum fun. We therefore welcome you to How to Start A Prison Server in Minecraft tutorial.

Getting Started

A lot of steps are involved in How to Start A Prison Server in Minecraft but not to worry as the steps will be made available for you to read here. Some plugins are also needed which in due time will be explained as we move on. Relax and let us explore together!

  • Planning: you must not be in a hurry to want to make a Prison Server in Minecraft. Planning is very germane. Planning should be the basis of whatever thing you want to introduce so that you do not mess things up. You do not want to build as you move along because you definitely will have to meet some roadblocks on the way. Make sure the planning phase is well executed.
  • Plugins: part of the planning is to plan and prepare for the series of plugins that will be necessary to introduce into the arrangement. Make sure that you have the correct knowledge of what plugins you must use at a particular point in time without making any costly mistake. It is not enough to be knowledgeable about the particular plugin to be used, but also to be able to configure the plugins to work correctly. For use of main plugins, we strongly recommend WorldGuard, WorldEdit, PermissionsEx, Essentials, Server Signs, PlotMe, PrisonMines and PaidRanks respectively. In addition to this, it is essential to get mine materials and shop prices.
  • Setup: this comes after building but the focus here is on the WorldGuard plugin. In my own case, what I did was to alter the flags of global region to build deny, invincible allow and blocking commands. What I did for the mines was to region it and then set its priority to 99999. This was done to prevent it from being overridden. The invincible allow and build allow flags are in operation in the region. Then you can use PrisonMines or any other plugin that will perfectly do the job well to set up the mines. May be a further tutorial may be of help in this regard. I created a group with PEX and referred to it as group “A” having a default:true tag. Then I created another group called group “B” which is set to inherit group A. I also created another group called group “C” made to inherit group B and so on. If you desire that all the groups should go to /warp plots, then group A can have essentials.warps.plots and all the ranks will possess that. There are several rankup plugins that can do an amazing job on this.
  • Donations: We strongly recommend DonationCraft or BuyCraft. Once you get in here, you need to create one package called donation rank. You need only one command here for command to execute on your server. In my own case, I added all of the permissions to one single player since it is impossible to edit it in bulk. You can set this up with just a single command line. Use /pex user {name} group and add whatever your donation rank is to that. This will enable you to edit your group in bulk. This is better than adding the permission one by one.
  • Protection/Hosting: protection is as important as every other step you have taken from the very beginning. The hosting performance is also very important, that’s why we offer the best Minecraft server hosting for your prison server.

Recommended Plugins

Having taken cognizance of the steps highlighted above, the next phase is to install the plugins that have been penciled down during the planning phase. These plugins are:

  • PermissionsEx
  • WorldEdit
  • Server Signs
  • WorldGuard
  • Essentials
  • PaidRanks


This plugin is extremely important as it gives permission. As long as you know the permission node, you can do any command. As you install this plugin, you are automatically given a group which is by default. And this will be the first rank. Generally, your group is your rank. To create the group names separate from the default group, use the command /pex followed by the group name plus create e.g /pex group B create.


Usually from what we know, WorldGuard cannot work without WorldEdit. This plugin allows you to secure your areas. This done by first selecting the areas before typing the code. You can allow certain operations to take place and at the same time deny some operations using the command /region.


This plugin will enable you to rank up. This plugin is a very easy to use plugin. This plugin makes room for managing rank advancement.

Making Your Prison Server Popular

You can make your server popular by considering the following:

  • Website: have a nice website with an avenue to donate. Also include communication tools that will enable another to share information.
  • Custom content: lets your mines and building be unique. You can hire some builders that will help you to build stuff.
  • Events: the more the number of events, the more the number of the people you attract. Winners of some of the events should be made to receive some rewards.
  • Active staff: your staff must be active. And the more the active staff the more chance your server will have to increase. There must be a staff on the ground that will provide almost instant responses to game players’ questions. Solving problems are key in any aspect of man. But be extra careful as even staff can pull down the server if not careful.

Written by William Nelson