How to Start A Minecraft Faction Server

Minecraft faction server tutorial guide

The introduction of Faction Server will provide game players the opportunity to form guilds, clan, faction with friends and other game players across the Minecraft community. Some servers also secure the property belonging to the faction and split or divide the factions so that they will belong to a certain side of the divide. This article will expose you to how to start a faction server in Minecraft! And we’re sure you are going to start having your fun from here.

Journey to a Successful Faction Server

Before embarking on designing and creating your Faction Server, you are supposed to make sure certain things are in place. The first of all is to ensure that you have a dedicated server host. There are several server hosts that possess the quality you require. Find them and put them to use. When you get one of the server host may be online, do some research about the firm to reconfirm that it is capable of fulfilling your needs.

It is important that the server host firm should have a customer support, or a help desk where they can swiftly attend to any question you may desire to ask at any point in time.

Use Premium Minecraft Hosting

For the sake of avoiding any immediate or future mistake, do not host your server from your home computer. Even if you your home computer has a good and big RAM, it is still not a good idea, especially when you want to make your server big. Most likely, your internet may not be able to handle more than thirty numbers of players. Therefore, you need to have a gigantic planning for such things like accommodating a large number of players, not minding slowing your bandwidth and allowing your server to run while your computer is on. We offer premium Minecraft hosting for this exact purpose.

Bukkit, Plugins & Themes

Having completed the requirement for your server, you must also make sure that you are running the latest version of bukkit that will match and work with the latest version of Minecraft. Although there are some plugins that are commonly used by servers. I strongly recommend the use of these ones:

  • WorldEdit
  • Essentials
  • WorldGuard
  • Group Manager


Essentials offers the server its unique commands and features like the /spawn, /home, /warp, /kit and so on. This works perfectly with the Group Manager Plugin. It also puts you in total control of spawning and even dangers on your server.


WorldEdit can be used to speed up the process of building with several commands like building, resizing and copying. WorldGuard is for the security or protection of your server from grief. Whether there are factions or not, these two plugins will make save zoning your servers and building very easy.

Group Manager

Group manager manages ranks and permissions for every rank. This is necessary when you have staff members, trusted ranks including donation ranks. Ranking gives encouragement to game players and enable them to play every time. You can also give permission for some specific ability. You can visit some tutorials on how to set up these permissions.

A befitting Theme

In your quest to unravel How to Start A Faction Server in Minecraft, your choice of a befitting theme must be set from the onset of your journey. Before starting at all, your theme must be ready. Some themes may be futuristic, medieval or pirate battle. With this theme in mind, you will be guided in the way you will do your buildings and features around the server.

Optional Plugins

Some other plugins will assist you in realizing your aim of achieving how to start a faction server in Minecraft. Some of these are:

  • Votifier: this plugin will enable game players to vote for your server on the list of servers and thereby get rewarded for that. The more votes you get, the better for you. The votes will show clearly on the list and attract game players to join your server.
  • GAListeners: this plugin is capable of managing reward system for game players. It enables you to have total control of what to reward players for voting for your server.
  • CombatLog: this prevents a game player from disconnecting while in battle. This plugin enables players to be killed if they decided to leave while combat is going on. Thereby permitting the cheated out opposition be able to collect the loot.
  • floAuctions: this plugin is superb! It manages auctions, allowing items to be auctioned off to other players. You can see players bidding for different items making the players to get involved in the economy aspect of the server.
  • NoCheatPlus: this plugin is saddled with the responsibility of preventing hackers from having their way into the system. It will quickly give notice of the presence of any hacker since every server is expected to experience hacking operations from hackers.
  • SilkSpawners: this permits game players to mine spawners with a silk touch pick axe. You can creatively design the custom crafting recipe.
  • Custom plugins: a very good developer can develop a special and custom plugin for you depending on the features you have outlined. This looks very professional and of course great.


Donation is key. How do you pay your monthly bills if there is no donation? Never threaten any player to donate as it can be very counterproductive. Make the players feel at home and let them know that donation is only an option. Tell the game players that donation will be a good way of helping the server. It is also advisable to have a good reward system for those who will actually donate.

Advertise Your Server

After all said and done, it is very important to get yourself out there for people to see what it is up to. Please do not do what some people do with advertising your server in social media. Get your Faction server across every single Minecraft Server list out there. The more places your server gets to, the more players get to see it. And the more they join it.

Written by William Nelson