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If you consider purchasing a shared game hosting service, you may have to coupe up with slow and inflexible connections. They are cheap and user-friendly but lack the power that professionals, especially gamers, often require. One smart choice could be opting for a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that covers most of the functionality and won’t cost a fortune.

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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server uses the technology of virtualization to split a powerful server into several virtual servers. VPS helps in keeping your data private as only you can access or modify it.

A VPS can be an excellent option for games provided you decide which games you are going to host and for how many players. It combines the functionalities of a shared server with the power of a dedicated server.

VPS for Gaming

When you consider VPS for Gaming, you have to take note of several factors that might come into play for your gaming experience. You have to keep in mind the specific requirements you need to run the game. Using VPS may sometimes limit the options you will find on other types of servers. But using VPS can be a smart choice, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

When you choose VPS, you get a segment of a server where you can determine various functions. You have the control of which games you want to install and also the operating system. VPS hosting can save you time and is more convenient as most of your games are on the server.

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What are the Advantages of VPS When Hosting A Game Server?

A VPS can ease your game hosting worries with lots of unique advantages and make your gaming experience a breeze. Below are some of the key benefits you get while VPS.


One thing that gamers love is the ability to customize. With VPS, you can modify and make necessary changes to the settings of your server, which is somewhat similar to dedicated hosting.

You can expand your game inventory by adding more games and control VPS access. You also have the option to change or modify the DNS setting, which makes your server more robust and secure.

Better than shared hosting

Unlike shared hosting, which requires you to share space as well as resources on a single server with several others, VPS allows you to store only information across multiple servers. And if that server happens to be a game server, then the problem is even worse as games tend to occupy more resources and space.

The speed and power you get on a VPS server are far stable and reliable. You get a customizable resource space that is accessible only to you. This feature gives VPS hosting an upper hand, which results in better gaming experience for gamers.


The most alluring part of VPS hosting is the price point at which it comes. With similar functions offered as a dedicated server and a price less than it, VPS hosting for games has become the new favorites of upcoming small businesses.

Though you pay more than paying for a shared server but the fact that you get more power and functionality can justify your investment.


Our VPS comes with a load of security features along with advanced monitoring capabilities. Whether the requirement is for website reliability or accepting online payments, VPS has got you covered with all the latest security features. You can also have more backup space to help you with the growing pile of users and their data.


Games can quickly eat up your space, which can result in unstable lag and, in worst cases, a server crash. With VPS, you can opt for a bigger plan that will provide you with more storage and power depending on the type of game and the number of players playing it.

Custom software

You can install custom software on a Virtual Private Server, which increases flexibility and enhances the gaming experience. It also helps to cope up with future requirements if your game needs an update or you need to add some custom software, which you can’t in a shared server.

Requirements for a VPS game server

Hosting companies handle most of the technical works for you, including consistent maintenance implementations. You need to create a planned approach and determine your system requirements before settling for a server.

s games require more space, factors such as storage and ram can be a crucial step towards improving your gaming experience. Less specification can drastically affect the performance of the game, which is a nightmare for gamers.

You also need to add features for other users to configure their accounts. Hardware such as solid-state drives also makes a significant impact on the performances of the game.

VPS game server rental at Fatality Servers

We provide an array of game server hosting with uptime ratings of 99.99% and 32% cheaper than others. We understand that performance and reliability are critical aspects of every game and guarantee that you will get a superior experience.

We also know how vital and how destructive security threats can be. We have DDOS security features enabled on our website, which keeps you away from viruses and malware infections. With data centers spread across the globe, secure payment options, unmatched uptime, and superior customer support, Fatality Servers ensures that your experience is paramount.

Our game servers include:

We regularly keep track of our server, ensuring fast and reliable functions, and bring the latest updates and news on our website.

Benefits of Using a VPS

Game hosting has never been fun and easy thanks to the fantastic functionalities offered by VPS servers. With games increasing in size and dedicated servers rising in prices, a relief in the form of a Virtual Private Server is a blessing in disguise for gamers.

With so much control over the resources and the game that does not put a hole in your pocket, VPS hosting is going to be the next big thing for die-hard gamers.